Closed Panel

Closed panel construction is the logical step up from standard open timber frame manufacturing, as the insulation, plaster board and electrical systems are installed offsite within the panels before delivery to site allowing the unit to be wind and watertight in one day.

The main benefits of closed panel construction are decreased on-site build time with immediate access for follow on trades, guaranteed insulation installation, work undertaken in a quality controlled environment and an ability to easily improve U values and air tightness. Mactaggart & Mickel Timber Systems will be closely involved in consultation with your architects and engineers from the conceptual design to ensure efficiency of the build program and tighter control of the manufacturing process.

With our strong research and development focus, Mactaggart and Mickel Timber Systems has been developing our own unique closed panel system, from which we have built over 20 houses on various sites throughout Scotland. This is a unique concept that is driving down the costs of construction. For further information on this new generation of closed panels call Mactaggart & Mickel Timber Systems today.