Employee Engagement: In 2014 employees met in forums to discuss their experiences of working for Mactaggart & Mickel Homes, from procedures and communications to inclusion and work/life balance. Further to these sessions, A number of people volunteered from across the organisation and five Employer of Choice teams were formed following a number of meetings. Ideas for quick wins and longer term solutions were proposed first to the wider teams of volunteers, and then to the Board of directors, who have already approved a number of these for progression.

Cycle to Work scheme: Since its implementation in the summer of 2011 our Cycle to Work scheme has been an enormous success, with 25% of employees taking it up. The scheme enables our employees to purchase a bike through the company tax-free, meaning savings on both the bike itself and safety accessories. The scheme has the dual benefits of allowing employees to fit in some exercise on the daily commute, while also being far greener than travelling by car.

Childcare Voucher scheme: This scheme allows our employees to make payments to their childcare provider through the company via a salary sacrifice scheme, meaning savings in tax and NI for both the employee and employer. Registration to the scheme is quick and simple and managed online by individual parents, saving time and effort.

Occupational Health: Mactaggart & Mickel aims to ensure that we fully support the health and well-being needs of our people. That’s why every year each person has the opportunity for a one to one session with an occupational health nurse at their place of work. A variety of health checks are undertaken from blood pressure, to lung function checks. Every employee is also offered a flu jag, cholesterol and diabetes check and a discussion takes place regards any health issues. We also have the facility to provide counselling services to support employees.