Birds feather their nest on construction site


A family of birds that decided to set up home on an active construction site have been given a safe place to stay by Mactaggart & Mickel Group.

The family housebuilder halted all work on its Braemore Wood development in Troon after workers discovered Wagtail birds had taken nest inside the site’s forklift truck.

Located near the transmission, right in the heart of the forklift, the nest contains several hatchlings and two very watchful parents. Wary not to disturb the nest, the team at Braemore Wood immediately parked the machine and have declared it will remain unused until the birds are ready to fly the coop. 

Jamie McLean, contracts manager at Mactaggart & Mickel Group, didn’t believe his team when they told him: “I got a call from the site team during their tea break, and I have to admit that when they first told me I thought ‘bunch of chancers’! I went out to personally investigate and when I looked up into the machine I could see the hatchlings in their nest as clear as day.

“We immediately put a hold to all work and called the RSPB for advice to make sure we were helping them as much as possible.

“They’ve now become a part of the team with the workers naming the parents ‘Mac & Mic’ and regularly feeding them. Checking up on them is the first and last thing they do during the day.”

Mactaggart & Mickel Group has since sourced a forklift from another site, ensuring work can continue as normal while the birds have a safe place to call home. 

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