Mactaggart & Mickel will always seek to consult and engage with the local community and the local authorities; to determine what local issues can be addressed through any proposed development.

Engaging with the Local Community

It is our company policy to hold community engagement events prior to any formal decisions being made - to gather local support and assist in gaining planning permission for a development that fits the needs of the local community.

In the first instance, Mactaggart & Mickel meet with key members of the community before any public consultations and exhibitions take place. During this initial meeting, we discuss any proposal and hand over all the information on any future development to the principal Stakeholders. 

We then arrange a public consultation where all members of the community can discuss the plans in full. These events are usually held in local halls or schools at convenient times for the majority of local residents. Mactaggart & Mickel view community consultation as an essential step and have gained vast experience in Scotland, where pre-application community engagement is required by law.

We value the input of residents and are happy to listen to proposals and suggestions local people have on any potential development. We find this a productive and rewarding approach, as it alerts all parties to possible issues before the proposals are locked into the planning process.