East Keynsham


Update on Planning application

Mactaggart & Mickel Group entered into a Promotion Agreement in April 2013 to promote a mixed use community to the east of Keynsham. Within 12 months of the initial Promotion document, some 12.6 hectares of former Green Belt land were allocated for housing in the BANES Core Strategy, which was then the subject of an outline planning application for 250 dwellings and a primary school.

Permission was granted for this first phase in October 2017 and the site has recently been marketed to housebuilders.
Work is ongoing on the preparation of an outline planning application to cover the adjoining safeguarded land and a scheme has been drawn up for 200 dwellings. This land was recognised in the Joint Spatial Plan (November 2017 Draft) as part of a Strategic Allocation for Keynsham, together with land north of the A4 (also within Mactaggart & Mickel Groupā€˜s control).

These combined phases could have potential for an additional 400-450 dwelling plots in Keynsham. As demonstrated by the recent Phase 1 marketing, the town is a very sought-after location for people to live, given its excellent accessibility, facilities, shops and schools.


A copy of the final masterplan, which incorporates changes to the siting of open space, can be downloaded by clicking here.