East Keynsham


Update on Planning application

Mactaggart & Mickel entered into a Promotion Agreement in April 2013 to promote a mixed use community to the east of Keynsham, identifying the potential to review the Green Belt without settlement coalescence and the sustainability benefits of this key transport corridor. Within 12 months of the initial Promotion document, some 12.6 hectares of former Green Belt land were allocated for housing in the BANES Core Strategy, with further land was identified for safeguarding for future housing needs.

Further to pre-application discussions, Mactaggart & Mickel Homes submitted an outline planning application for the first phase of its land at Keynsham in February 2016, seeking consent for 250 dwellings, a new primary school and areas of public open space. Members approved this application on 13 December 2016, subject to a Section 106 agreement to cover affordable housing, financial contributions and arrangements to deliver the school. Once the permission has been issued, Mactaggart & Mickel intend to sell the site to a national housebuilder who will build the 250 new homes in a parkland community setting. This is expected to take place during Summer 2017.

Given the significant need for new homes in this area, Mactaggart & Mickel have responded positively to the ongoing Joint Spatial Plan consultation’s for the wider Bristol / Bath region. The November 2016 Issues and Options stage identified the potential for land in the East Keynsham area for circa 1100 new dwellings by 2031. The land under Mactaggart & Mickel’s control is able to accommodate this strategic requirement as demonstrated by technical work and the masterplanning of a new parkland community between Saltford and Keynsham, with appropriate levels of new housing development. Given the gas pipe constraints in intervening controlled land, the scheme will provide long term protection of settlement coalescence.


A copy of the final masterplan, which incorporates changes to the siting of open space, can be downloaded by clicking here.