Nailsea, North Somerset


Mactaggart & Mickel Group has been promoting land to the north of Youngwood Lane, Nailsea since 2013 for development. An outline planning application for up to 450 new homes in a parkland setting was submitted in July 2016 to North Somerset. We are still awaiting formal determination of this planning application by North Somerset Council. This land is not subject to a Green Belt designation or any other landscape designations.

The scheme will assist in the delivery of much needed housing in the local area. Up to 30% will comprise affordable homes in accordance with North Somerset’s housing policies.
The whole site is now identified as part of the South West Nailsea Strategic Development Location in the Joint Spatial Plan which covers the four authorities surrounding Bristol. The strategic allocation is for 3,300 new dwellings plus commercial and recreational uses, together with transport infrastructure.

The Youngwood Lane site has also been recognised for its development potential in the North Somerset Site Allocations Development Plan Document. An allocation for 170 dwellings has already been confirmed by the Council, however Mactaggart & Mickel Group are seeking for this housing allocation to be extended across the whole site covering 450 dwellings.

As of January 2018 the Site Allocations DPD Examination Inspector’s Report site is awaited - it remains likely that the Inspector will require the Council to review again its draft allocations to meet 5 year housing needs. Land at Youngwood Lane is excellently placed to come forward in its entirety now to meet Nailsea’s housing requirements.




The exhibition boards that were presented for public consultation in March 2016 can be downloaded by clicking here.