Our Approach

One of the significant advantages of working with Mactaggart & Mickel Timber Systems is our ability to offer a full service wrap ‘one-stop-shop’ solution. We design, manufacture and install the full timber frame, including floor cassettes, open panels, closed panels, stairs, roof trusses and canopies.

Working to your designs - or our own - we provide a bespoke handcrafted service that has quality built-in at every stage, from drawing board to on-site erection. So whether you’re building hundreds of new homes or simply one large private house, Mactaggart & Mickel is the only timber frame provider you’ll need.

Focusing on providing a high quality product, at a keen price for the developer, we invest significant time and resources at the design stage, looking at everything from the overall look and feel to the tiniest - yet crucial - detailing, such as the junctioning between panels. Then, when your site is ready, we can provide delivery of a wind and watertight house in just one day.

The timber system is sustainable too. With panel standardisation, we waste less timber, offer greater insulation in the final product and reduce the amount of material being transported to site. We only ever specify timber from certified managed forests - and for every single tree we use, three more are planted to take its place. 

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