Timber Frame is one of the most advanced and sustainable forms of modern day construction. If you are looking for quality, cost savings, greener living and a 30% reduction in building time over traditional brick and block, then timber frame is the right option for you. Over 70% of people in the developed world live in Timber Frame Housing, highlighting its popularity and effectiveness. The building method is perfect for cold climates where homes need to be comfortably warm and energy efficient. It is also extensively used in warm climates, proof that it is widely adaptable to changeable weather in the UK. Market statistics show that timber frame as a building option is on the up within the UK and that builders, developers and new homeowners widely recognise the advantages.

Benefits of Timber Frame:

  • Quality
  • Manufactured in a quality-controlled environment allowing less reliance on traditional building techniques.
  • Cost savings
  • Speed of build - a timber frame structure can be wind and water tight in one day giving instant access to follow on trades and decreasing on-site build time and days “lost” through inclement weather.
  • Sustainability – our certified Timber material is sourced from managed and accredited forests which have stringent replanting and environmental policies.
  • Off site Construction - meaning labour costs and weather interference issues are dramatically minimized as the system is built offsite in our controlled factory environment. Modern methods of construction also mean improved insulation and excellent airtightness ratings.

Full Structural Timber Kit

Mactaggart & Mickel Timber Systems designs, engineers and manufactures a full range of timber products and systems include floor cassettes, traditional open panel frames, stairs, closed panels, roof trusses and canopies.

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Open Panel

The most commonly used form of timber frame construction, referred to as open panel manufacture, offers considerable flexibility in the design process, backed up by speed of manufacture, construction and assembly.

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Cassette Floors

An essential aspect in speeding up on-site construction, completed floor cassettes are manufactured by Mactaggart & Mickel Timber Systems to support our range of both open and closed panel kits.

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