Cassette Floors

An essential aspect in speeding up on-site construction, completed floor cassettes are manufactured by Mactaggart & Mickel Timber Systems to support our range of both open and closed panel kits.

Instead of sending loose timbers to a construction site for joiners to assemble into floors, we accelerate build-time and reduce timber wastage by building the cassette floor sections in our factory. Each cassette is individually designed, engineered and manufactured to an exact specification within our factory.

We pre-bore the service runs through the joists in the factory, allowing more efficient installation of service runs. We also offer a factory fitted hand rail within the stairwell opening of the cassette, enabling instant fall protection upon installation of the cassette floor. Once delivered on-site in sections and craned into position, within an hour or two the engineered cassette floors are then easily fitted together on site with craftsmen able to work on the entire first floor of the building – a process that would normally take joiners a week to complete. Consequently, our method of expertly manufacturing cassette floors ensures both a faster and safer build.