Full Structural Timber Kit

Mactaggart & Mickel Timber Systems designs, engineers and manufactures a full range of timber products and systems include floor cassettes, traditional open panel frames, stairs, closed panels, roof trusses and canopies. We’ve also introduced the latest in bathroom pod design, ready for installation by our own experienced team. Our products are available as supply and erect/install, or supply only.

We build all of our panels to order, creating bespoke homes in a fraction of the time of a traditional build. Whether it’s a one-off self-build project or a large scale housing development, we work with our clients to create a range of timber products to their own unique specifications.

The whole process may be fast, but it is also of the highest quality. With a modern factory environment, sustainable, durable materials and one of the most experienced teams in the country, the Mactaggart & Mickel Timber Systems house is of an incredibly high standard.