Open Panel

The most commonly used form of timber frame construction, referred to as open panel manufacture, offers considerable flexibility in the design process, backed up by speed of manufacture, construction and assembly.

The flexibility of the product ensures a wide range of uses from the construction of bungalows, semi detached and family homes to large and small flats and apartments. The scale and ease of production is such that Mactaggart & Mickel Timber Systems has implemented manufacturing and production standards and control to ensure a consistent flow of precision products, finished to the highest standards and checked at every step of the manufacturing process.

With our open panel products, every stage of the manufacture and construction process is rigorously checked. Each panel is cut and shaped with precision, with the individual who manufactured the panel physically signing off that section on completion, ensuring accuracy and accountability throughout the whole operation.

The panels manufactured within our premises can be delivered to your site by our own transport and erected quickly and accurately on site. This detailed process applies to every panel from a one-off build to a multi-home contract by your own erection team or your site management team.