Our Goals

Our 10 Goals are:-

1. To reduce our waste going to landfill.
In 2010 we undertook a site waste reduction project in conjunction with Scottish Enterprise and identified a variety of methods which reduced our waste going to landfill by 95%.

2. To reduce our direct carbon emissions. We are developing effective methods of measuring and reducing our energy consumption and by introducing a ‘green transport’ policy.

3. To monitor and audit our water usage and waste water generation.
We aim to audit water consumption during construction on 100% of our developments and install technologies to help our homeowners to reduce their water usage.

4. To become the employer of choice.
We will continue to seek measures to drive employee engagement and increase job satisfaction.

5. To deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction and to be a ‘good neighbour’ in local communities.
We will continue to survey our customers and implement the highest standards of customer service. We will respect the needs of, and maintain communication and consultation with stakeholders in the communities where we are active.

6. To ensure that our sites are made as safe as possible.
We have implemented a sector-leading “Zero harm through Zero tolerance”Health & Safety policy, covering our employees, contractors and visitors.

7. To use materials and techniques in the most environmentally responsible way possible.
We have implemented a ‘Green Procurement Policy’ to ensure that all of our materials, particularly our timber, come from sustainable and certified sources.

8. To manage and develop our land in the most sustainable possible way, minimising the environmental impact.
We like to contribute to existing communities in our land acquisition strategy. We will also aim to improve on the existing biodiversity of our landbank and also any new land that is acquired.

9. To build homes that are environmentally sustainable, and still attractive to home-buyers.
We will maintain a pro-active awareness of new technologies, methods and standards, but also new materials and styles.

10. To help our home-owners and occupiers to adopt sustainable lifestyles.
We will provide information and implement technology in our homes that assists home-owners to manage the impact of their waste, energy usage and water usage.