Mactaggart & Mickel invite villagers to shape Kilmacolm homes development

Family-owned housebuilder Mactaggart & Mickel have restarted their consultation on proposals for much-needed new homes in the Renfrewshire village of Kilmacolm. Mactaggart & Mickel have a strong reputation for bringing forward well-designed, sympathetic proposals for villages similar to Kilmacolm.

The fourth-generation family-owned company have made three firm commitments to Kilmacolm residents after unveiling outline proposals to deliver 75 new and affordable homes on the village outskirts.

Above: computer generated image of Quarry Road based on outline planning layout

The proposed development could pave the way for much-needed new homes, ranging in size to meet local needs, affordable housing and incorporate a park which would be open to the wider public- if residents express a desire for new recreational facilities.

As Mactaggart & Mickel signaled the start of a consultation into the plans, the company committed to:

  • To genuinely listen and work with Kilmacolm residents and wider community.
  • To protect the character of the village.
  • Incorporate sustainability proposals beyond the level required by local planners.

Craig Ormond, Director at Mactaggart & Mickel, said: “We always seek to work closely with local communities during the design process of our developments.

“We understand there might be differing views between the residents immediately adjacent to the site and the wider residents of Kilmacolm.

“We hope to hear a range of constructive views as part of the consultation like we did with our recent development in Killearn.

“We want residents to share their ideas as to how we can contribute most positively to the village, so we can ensure its future vibrancy.”

He added: “While the plans will be finalised following our consultation process, we can at this stage make three important commitments.

“Firstly, we will re-engage and work with the community so residents can help shape the development’s design process.

“Secondly, we will protect the qualities which make Kilmacolm such a special place.

“Finally, we will include sustainability proposals which ensure the development is environmentally-friendly and well connected.

“I hope the people of Kilmacolm will take the opportunity to provide the positive and constructive feedback that will allow us to work together throughout the design process.” 

Mactaggart & Mickel have submitted an outline planning application for the project and have contacted people in the village to encourage them to have their say on the plans.

Under the outline plans, the proposed 75 homes range in size from three-bedroom semi-detached homes to larger four- and five-bedroom family properties.

Mactaggart and Mickel will also seek to consult with Invercylde Council on the provision of a minimum of 20 affordable homes to buy or rent which are much-needed locally. Like the rest of the proposals there is flexibility on the exact tenure and how the affordable homes will be managed.

As well as helping the Scottish Government meet the nationwide need for more new homes, the development will boost the local economy.

It is estimated by Mactaggart & Mickel that new residents would contribute nearly £2.4m a year in household expenditure – a significant proportion of which could be local, representing a boost to independent traders and businesses.

Mactaggart & Mickel are committed to integrating the development into Kilmacolm and making the development sustainable, with homes making the most of zero carbon generating technologies, electric car charging points and enhanced home-working spaces.

A dedicated website has been established by Mactaggart & Mickel to provide residents with access to important information about the development and resources to share opinions and ideas on the project.

The consultation process gets under way today. Residents who want to find out more can visit: